The Tea & Glory Mission

Why we are here

The Tea & Glory Mission

When was the last time you had two, uninterrupted minutes to yourself?


We’re not talking about the two minutes you spent scrolling through your phone on the tube, or the two minutes glugging a protein shake after the gym.


Can you remember the last time you took just two minutes to sit and enjoy something, without being distracted by your to-do list or a full inbox?

We spend so much of our day responding and reacting to the input and demands of everyone else—making it hard to reconnect with ourselves, and the things that make us happy.


Our mission at Tea & Glory is to remind you to make two, undistracted minutes in your day for you.  Allow us to transport you to new worlds of freshly cut grass, honey orchids, misty mountains and smoky fire.


We hope you can join us


Very best wishes,


The Tea & Glory Team