#003 Dancing on the Ceiling: 2017 Great Taste Award Winner!


Tea Type: Black

Region: Mo Gan Shan, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province

Country: China

Harvest: 2016 

Tasting Notes

The perfect get-up-and-go tea.  Mogan Mountain translates locally as “Don’t Interfere Mountain” and consists of untouched pine and bamboo forests nestled between natural rock formations.

All of which contribute to a wonderfully complete tea which can be sipped all day long. 

This fully oxidised black tea has a very sweet and round mouthfeel, think raw cane sugar and ripe fruit.

For best results don’t over steep and brew in a pot. No need to add any milk or sugar. Just sip slowly and savour. 

Best time to drink

First thing in the morning - this tea is a firm favourite amongst the Tea & Glory staff.



Loose-leaf tea has 3 main enemies: 1) Heat 2) Light and 3) Moisture. Exposure to any of these will degrade the quality of the loose-leaf and lead to stale tea which is to be avoided at all costs. Once you have opened your pouch and made your tea, squeeze out all the air and wrap it up tightly (all Tea & Glory pouches are re-sealable). Once you have done that, store it in the original box or an airtight container and away from light and any strong smells. Tea is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture and any smells from the surrounding environment. Unless the tea is specially vacuum-packed, do not store in the refrigerator, as this will create moisture inside the packet everytime the tea is removed. Just store in a cool, dark cupboard away from direct light and you will be fine. If you have any questions or are not sure of anything just drop us a line at: hello@teaandglory.com.